Eastmade Spice Company maintains high standards of food and health safety throughout its production processes. We maintain adequate discipline in handling, preparation and storage to ensure safe and wholesome products reach our customers. Right from stringent quality control and procurement of best raw materials, Eastmade never compromises on safety and hygiene grounds when it comes to its products.

The top most important factor that Eastmade Spice Co. always focuses on is the food safety standards and quality of its spices. We strictly follow the food safety standards as per the requirements set out in the BRC global standards. We adhere to the Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) which provides the most basic requirements to ensure food safety through control of hygiene. We declare that the spices are manufactured following GMP and do not contain any foreign matter. We have used only approved food ingredients in all our spices.

When it comes to quality, even good is not good enough. It has to be great. This starts from the very beginning which is from the farm to the very end which is the final consumption. For the best quality of our spices for our customers we pick conventional farms, choose the correct harvesting period, also we inspect the spices at the source. Once the spices have reached our factory, we clean, grade and sort the spices. As per the clients requirement the spices are then ETO treated, Steam Sterilized or Grinded with zero-tolerance. Then once again it is tested and inspected in our in house national accreditation board for testing and calibration laboratories (NABL) standards laboratory to check the quality before it is packed. We have bonded strong relationships with farmers and suppliers throughout India which allows us to procure materials with fewer pesticides for our products. Our solutions to check the quality of our spices are to test for physical, chemical and microbiological tests and also to check the shelf life. Our whole plant is fully automated and controlled by integrated supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.