Our process


Eastmade Spices Co. uses a state of the art flavor lock grinding technology that instantly freezes the spices and lock in their natural flavor and color. Grinding is a method of powdering spices at sub-zero temperatures ranging from 0 to minus 70°F. This process does not damage or alter the chemical composition of the spices in any way. Grinding process starts with air-dried spices, rather than freeze-dried spices. Spices processed using flavour lock grinding has better natural color, as compared to old grinding machinery, this is very much important to all spices. Finer particle size can be achieved without aroma loss and natural color change.


Eastmade Spices Co. uses a Buhler Sortex Machine to Clean, Grade and Color Sorting of spices. It transforms raw material to the purest forms of whole spices and ground spices. Buhler’s most sophisticated and versatile sorting capabilities, the innovative SORTEX A range is the first choice for processors with the most challenging sorting applications. The SORTEX A range delivers an extraordinary performance for difficult applications such as reducing toxins from Grains, Seeds, Nuts, Coffee and other commodities as well as providing the finest quality end product to increase profitability.

The SORTEX A range benefits

  • Empowering sorting performance
  • Ensuring consistent operation
  • Optimising productivity, lowering cost of ownership


The automatic machine is loaded with a continuous flat roll of poly pouch, which has had labelling and artwork applied to the exterior of the pouch. Note that while plastic is the most commonly used packaging material in the food industry, the technology can also be used to form continuous metalized foil/film, paper, and fabric product containers by changing the edge sealing/seaming methods. Automatic packing machine can be used for 50gm to 5kg packing.